Double Impact!

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Black Ops to Publish Double Impact!

Greenwood, IN – Black Ops Publishing is proud to announce the
acquisition of the hit comic book series "Double Impact" from its
original creator, Ricky Carralero, more than a year following the tragic car
accident that claimed the life of Carralero's son.

To mark this new era for "Double Impact," Black Ops Publishing is set to
release a special 16-page preview edition. This edition will feature an
exclusive cover by Shikarii, an artist renowned throughout the comic book
industry for his captivating and stunning artwork.

The upcoming preview edition of "Double Impact" is written by Neo Edmund and drawn by Dave Santana. Edmund and Santana have
previously collaborated on notable titles including "Jinkies" and
"The Devil's Misfits," bringing a wealth of experience and a unique
creative synergy to this project.

"We are deeply honored to carry forward the legacy of 'Double Impact'. Acquiring this series is a responsibility we take seriously, and we’re committed to honoring its past while steering it into the future," said Shawn Hudachko, CEO & Co-Owner of Black Ops Publishing. "The preview edition will be released over the next month leading up to the Kickstarter and we have some pretty amazing covers planned for it. This is just the beginning and we’re excited to show the fans, old and new, what’s in the works.”

Fans and collectors can look forward to purchasing the special preview edition of "Double Impact" this weekend (Thursday the 14th and Friday
the 15th) through Black Ops Publishing’s website along with their parent company Comics Elite. This edition is a must-have for longstanding fans
and newcomers alike, offering a unique opportunity to be part of the series'
new chapter.


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